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Systems On Module (SOM)

Systems On Module (SOM)

Novasom Systems On Module (SOM) are the solution to reduce the cost of the base board or the main PCB. Thanks to the SOM you have the advantage of design-reuse and you can get your peripherals’ 100% custom board without spending time on the extremely complex “processor” section.
Single Board Computers

Single Board Computers

Discover Novasom Single Board Computer (SBC) lines: designed to be the hardware solution you are looking for: check out our Intel-based and ARM single board computer (SBC) lines. Find the perfect board for the application you have in mind.
Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Check out our embedded solution, NovaPC, and discover how to develop your software application for a Novasom Single Board Computer (SBC) using Novaembed, our software development tool.

Driving the Embedded Innovation

We provide complete solutions to your problems with our Systems On Module (SOM) and our Industrial Single Board Computers (SBC) lines. If there is not a Novasom Industries’ product that perfectly matches your needs, no problem: we can customize any of our standard products according to your specific requirements.

What can a Novasom board do?

Internet of Things

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Industrial Applications

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Process Control

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solution provider - industrial product, tehcnical support and problem solving
Our industrial products have been designed after years of experience in industrial problem solving, working side by side with our customers to deliver products that perfectly fit their specific needs. Our industrial boards come with different sets of features to serve different purposes; however, they all share three important characteristics that are fundamental for industrial applications: safety, stability and flexibility.
Each of our standard solutions (based on SBC or SOM + Carrier) is ready to be used for many specific applications. We can surely add value to your project, working together on your needs, up through the design of a finished product specifically developed for your project.
Our sales and engineering team is available to work with your team to clearly understand your application. By fully understanding what you are doing now we can jointly arrive at the best solution, whether from our standard line of products or from a custom design that utilizes our experience and IP from our current SBCs along with our new and ongoing projects with Intel, Qualcomm, NXP Netscape and our new Novasom SOMs based on Renesas and Rockchip, combined with any additional desing that meets your actual needs.
If you want to find out more on Novasom Industries’ boards visit our Products section. There you will find all the details on our standard SBC and SOM lines, including data sheets and products lists. Check also our embedded system solution section, NovaPC, where the integration between any Novasom Industries’ boards and any display is made according to your needs. Please contact us for more detailed discussion of your requirements and further information.
Remember: you do not buy only a Novasom Industries’ product, you buy our expertise, our know-how, along with our assistance to reach your target. On time with no surprises. Choosing Novasom Industries you are not just choosing a supplier but a partner that can guarantee its products’ reliability and performance, as well as constant support.


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Customization and support - Novasom Industries' products

When our standard products are not enough, call us and we will find the best solution for you.
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Novasom M9 - Born for advanced multimedia applications
Novasom M9 - Born for advanced multimedia applications

The latest product of the M-Line is Novasom M9 which joins the well-established M7 and M7Plus. This SBC is based on the prestige Rockchip 3399. This CPU offers the new Cortex A72’s performance and the multicore Quad A53 used to speed-up parallelism and lower consumption when needed, with one of the strongest GPU available on the market: the Mali-T860MP4.

PoE Adapters
PoE Adapters

The Novasom PoE adapters is a class of PoE PD devices designed to the standard IEEE802.2AX, while adding more features to this standard to allow a long lifetime in an industrial environment. These products are industrially designed, considering a 27/7/365 mission profile, an extended temperature range -40+85°C and critical EMC conditions to assure a long life without effort.


After the great success of the Novasom M7 platform, based on the RK3328 CPU that offers incredible performance and reliability to our customers, we thought about what we could do that would provide an even more usable, more reliable, and better industrialized product, in order to even better solve our customers’ problems.