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Different Thinking

The reasons why a Novasom Industries’ board is different from those of our various worldwide competitors are numerous, the most insidious being the hidden ones.
Novasom Industries - Different Thinking
These are the typical issues that emerge “when it is too late”, the precious time wasters, that bump up the costs and often force hefty compromises on quality and performance.

While on the HW front it is fairly easy to see if a board is missing certain characteristics, like a certain amount of RAM or FLASH or enough I/O pins, It is a lot harder to understand if that board will really be able to solve your problems or if it will turn itself into a bigger, more insidious trap than you could ever have imagined and make you lose time and money.

Mind the gap
Seeing how these differences are often hidden and difficult to appreciate; we explain here either the difference between our SBCs and a SOM or between our SBCs and all the others.
Same o different?

Novasom SBC vs any other SBC

Main differences and why choose Novasom SBC

Novasom vs SOM

Main differences and why choose Novasom SBC

modulo M7vsOthers

Main differences and why choose Novasom M7 

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