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The applications that our customers face every day are complex challenges, where the presence of an SBC like the Novasom Industries’ SBC, which is stable, industrial, well-functioning and supported, is only one of the ingredients.

Fundamental, but not always enough.
What can you do if who sold you your embedded board is a producer with no engineering infrastructure able to solve your problems?

Nothing. You made a mistake and now you must pay the price.

If you choose a Novasom Industrial single board computer
If you choose a <strong>Novasom Industrial single board computer</strong>

You can count on an engineering infrastructure established 15 years ago and used to solve its customers’ problems. Our company approach: we develop solutions and not just make products.

Our engineering support is so well organized that we offer as “standard item”, with a fixed price, the customization of our boards including the first run of 5 Alpha prototypes.

You’re never alone with a Novasom board!

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