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M7 - Designed specifically to replace immediately and easily the Pi3 with an Industrial object

Designed specifically to replace immediately and easily the Pi3 with an Industrial object

A community board is, in general, an inexpensive object, it seems to work fine, with apparent support, drivers and software tools available around the web. It seem to be the solution to all your problems but when you start an industrial project with thousands boards then nightmares arrive.

Availability and stability problems, lack of certifications and nobody that really take care of your products neither of your problems. You are alone with thousand problems, your business is stopped and your customers are angry.

Only then, you realize that you need an industrial product so how to change the system you made without trashing all the job made till now?

To give you an answer we designed the M7 specifically to immediately replace the Pi3 with an Industrial object, from a HW and a SW point of view, thanks to the RASPMOOD approach.

On Novasom M7 your application SW written in Armbian (Debian) can be mounted without any SW change and the mechanical holes and strip pin are the same and in the same position of the Pi3.

Unique Selling Points


Quad Core Cortex A53 @1,5 GHz






Wi-Fi/BT certified


Wide range protected power supply



M/ - Industrialization of Pi3 based projects

Industrial Components

Certified Board


Typical Applications


High end HMI


Multimedia applications,


Industrialization of Pi3 based projects

This is a real industrial grade product

The Novasom M7 is a form-fit and function industrial replacement of a Pi3, where users can get a lot more in terms of performance and  moreover in industrial safety of the product (wide range protected power, don't eat µSD, available on logistic programmed production flow, technical assistance team always available and so on), without destroying them started project thanks to a compatible HW in form fit and functions.

But the big advantages are not limited to the HW.

Novasom Industries made a necessary SW layer that allows the M7 and all other “RASPMOOD” boards to be programmable exactly with Pi3 SW you made, without any trouble and SW reprogramming effort. Several boards use the 40 pin strip connector, known as P2, as a sort of standard so the SW developed for these can be directly transferred on the Novasom RASPMOOD boards. Runs with the Debian you design with, Android, Linux or with a provided easy to use ruggedized Kernel (that open the system in ram and do not eat microSD) from Novasom Industries.

Last but not least: Low cost modification/customization are available.

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