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PoE Adapters

The PoE - Power over Ethernet - is a standard ruled by the IEEE 802.3Ax, conceived to transport power in the form of a DC current using the free pairs of an Ethernet RJ45 connector that requires only 2 pairs, so 4 pin to transmit data.
DC current assures the total absence or any kind of disturbance – in form of susceptibility – between the 2 different “souls” that live together: power and Ethernet data.
With the diffusion of the IoT (Internet of things) and the numbers of Wi-Fi and wireless nodes continuing to grow together the applications requiring power (more than you can do with a battery and/or an ultra-low consumption node), the idea of using only one cable to bring connectivity and power - especially to a large number of nodes - is becoming more and more popular and welcomed in a lot of applications.
The source of a PoE circuit (often called an injector because the power is generated not used) is something we can rarely control.  It is simply a DC power between 21 and 44 V with enough power capability to allow the proper “class” standard of PoE (let’s say between some watts and some tens watts).  Our experience as industrial manufacturer (and user) suggests to us that we have to focus our attention on the PoE “adapter” that is the place where the PoE power is used and transformed.
We are industrial oriented, and considering the amount and the kind of toy PoE adapters on the market that we have seen and tested, for consideration in our SBC applications, we felt we needed something more to properly power our industrial devices, where the 24/7/365 mission profile is a must.
We were unable to find an extended temperature range module that would keep up with our SBC offerings, because it seems no one offers it with proper assurances and, for example, meets the need for conformal coating, necessary to survive the condensing humidity.
Last but not least, these modules were not protected from spike, surge, cabling errors (typical problems that you can face on the power line of a complex wiring).
So, your “industrial application”, we hope made with a Novasom board, probably will fail because you cannot find an industrial rugged certified PoE module, minded and build to last…Till now.


Our new class of PoE PD adapters has been developed to exactly fit this gap, giving you a warranted rugged solution that you can use to power your devices.
Perfect to be used with your Novasom board!

Product brief description

The Novasom PoE adapters is a class of PoE PD devices designed to the standard IEEE802.2AX, while adding more features to this standard to allow a long lifetime in an industrial environment. These products are industrially designed, considering a 27/7/365 mission profile, an extended temperature range -40+85°C and critical EMC conditions to assure a long life without effort.
Moreover, the Novasom PoE adapters have been designed considering the real installation issues (situations where errors and wrong cabling may happen) and we have taken care of “the module and the people”. We have designed the device to protect the unit and its load from an irremediable damage, as well as the operator.
2 levels of power (15W and 30W) with load sensing, offers a wide range of use. Normal and extended temperature ranges are available (15W only).
The units are spike and surge protected from the input lane, as well as isolation and overload-short circuit protection from the load side.


15 and 30W power class
Normal temperature range for both solutions (0°C; + 70°C)
Extended temperature range (-40°C; +85°C) for the 15 W module with conformal coating
Industrial mission profile 24/7/365 @ full load
Fully certified CE and FCC

PoE input stage with:

Reverse polarity protected – for indefinite time
Spike and surge protected (15kV-400W @ 1ms) with self-resetting fuse in 250ms
RJ45 “any connector IN &OUT” with pass through relaunch of the PoE power, that simplifies cabling (there is no in and out as the 2 RJ45s can be used in either way), and the PoE power is relaunched to the other to allow series cabling
110-220AC protection for wiring errors, AC earth and DC ground plane separated and electrically connected with HF filter
HF filtering to limit emission for CE-FCC compatibility
“DC PoE power present” LED
RJ45 independent with pass through technology® plug power and net relaunch where you want

Available standard products:

code N.POE-15WC-310819 normal temperature range 0+70°C
code N.POE-15WI-310819 extended temperature range -40+85°C
code N.POE-30WC-310819 normal temperature range 0+70°C

Output stage with:

Electrical insulation up to 1500 V
Hardware tunable Vout from 10.5 to 14V, 12V nominal
High stability PWM in temperature, time, loadl
Short circuit protection
HF filtering
“Load powered” LED
Screw or lockable output connector
PoE Adapter Novasom

Industrial Components

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