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S-LINE - Linux based industrial Single Board Computer Novasom Industries

Novasom Industries S-line represents a family of Industrial Embedded Computers

designed for critical applications, based respectively on Solo (S6), Dual Lite (S7), Quad (S8) and Quad Plus (S9) core ARM Cortex-A9 on NXP i.MX6 CPU with up to 4GB of 64bit DDR3 memory and 32GB eMMC flash.

Available options are the connector for expansion and an embedded  Wi-Fi/BT chip on board with micro SMA connector for external antenna.

Novasom Industries S-line boards are not only powerful Single Board Computers, industrial, robust and supplied with a lot of rugged expansion connectors, they are made with a circuital choice that leaves you free to do your own selection for PCI express bus, input or output ad UART or I2C and SPI.

The idea behind the Novasom Industries S-Line is to leave customer free to do his own choice to solve their problems. For example, a UART left free on a connector can become any kind of serial line you want. An RS232 is what it is. Same game with the model of connector. Nobody can predict your needs.

So we leave expansion really available everywhere, from an electrical or mechanical point of view.

The board is really full of tricks like the fixing holes for the board/expansion-piggy/carrier that are vibration proof; the separate ground of the power lines and the earth that could be attached to its chassis or leave the customer free to electrically join; and so on.

  • S-LINE - Novasom Industries Linux based Single Board Computer
  • S-LINE - Novasom Industries Linux based Single Board Computer

SDK-NOVAEMBED - software


An instrument through a graphical interface, allows you to configure the linux kernel in a simple and intuitive thus optimizing the performance of the card.

Unique Selling Points

  • Unit is a complete SBC with immediate bootstrap (it is not a SOM)
  • High hardware scalability for extremely powerful connectivity
  • Giga Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • 2 LVDS video channels with resistive 4 W touch controller on board
  • Dual USB host type A and one OTG micro
  • Full size HDMI connector with CEC
  • On Board WiFi-BT with external antenna SMA connector
  • NXP iMX6 series CPU
  • Linux and Android supported O.S.
  • Our proprietary Kernel and BSP guarantee stability and performance
  • Our visual programming tool NOVAembed™ with BSPFactory™ for free
  • Fully certified board

Hardware Key Points

  • Power supply range 6.5 to 36 V fully protected
  • RAM memory DDR3 at 64bit
  • Enhanced RTC chipset @1µA against the 50µA of the built in RTC of the i.MX processor
  • Pico ITX compatible (100 mm x 75 mm)
  • 17 GPIO configurable signals available on a rugged industrial connector plus, 2 UART, 2 CAN, 1 I2C, 1 SPI
  • HDMI + Gigabit Ethernet + 3 USB port Host/Device + 1 Console RS232 connectors
  • eMMC option available up to 32GB;  µSD metal slot support (up to 32GB)
  • PCI express bus on connector allows you to connect with any PCI express bus hardware

Warranty and Certification

This is the S series. A really strong weapon ready to fire at your critical problems.

Today 3 different standard products are available

  • processor iMX6 Dual Lite @1GHz
  • 1GB RAM DDR3
  • eMMC 4GB
  • like S7B
  • Enhanced RTC, Wi-Fi/BT
  • 1 USB OTG on micro
  • audio connector
  • 2 ch LVDS with touch
  • processor iMX6 Quad @1GHz
  • 1GB RAM DDR3
  • eMMC (4GB)
  • Power supply 6-48V
  • MIPI display and camera connector
  • IR Input on connector
  • Keyboard (6 keys + 2 LED) connector
  • Sensors (MEMS on 9 axis and barometer)
  • Rugged Carrier expansion connector

For details see the line brochure or the line standard product list or the line quick fact sheet


Our single board computers are designed to be adaptable to the needs of the customers and their production processes. Their design allows us to populate and depopulate the Novasom boards (Tailor-Made Solution) thus achieving the desired configuration and reducing costs.
If Tailor-made Solution is not enough, it is possible to Customize a standard board. We are so skilled and organized in doing this that we have a dedicated article named “SBC Customization” with a fixed price that includes the engineering service to customize one Novasom SBC plus one run of 5 Alpha prototypes.

Just call us

We have the solution for you


The Novasom Industries SBC basic Development Kit are made by one Novasom Industries board (S7C or S8FT) , Micro SD 4GB with SDK and SW demo, power supply wall plug, console cable, instructions to download the latest version of NOVAembed™ tool with BSPFactory™ loaded into a working VM, where everything is installed, configured and nothing additional needs to be done.

Via the user interface, you can turn off two or three cores and limit the memory to meet the same conditions of Novasom S6 or S7.
It’s available also the Extended Development Kit that includes, in addition, an LVDS touch 7” with all needed cables to be directly connected to the Novasom board.

But the most important available thing is our support to help you to start.

Contact us using the tickets in the support section.

Our engineering team guarantees the success of your application installation.