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Time is of the essence, “the market won’t wait”, and you can’t do everybody’s job. The key is to specialize, according to the level and complexity that today’s technology requires. That is exactly what we have done at Novasom Industries.

We’ve specialized.
Novasom Solution Oriented Approach

A Novasom Industries’ SBC is not just a simple single board computer but a “solution” that is:


Immediately usable, as opposed to the SOM modules that require a Carrier
Problem free
Usable with no need for specific skill set
Guaranteed professional technical support: , We never leave our customers alone
Supported with clear and thorough documentation and copious explanatory application notes
Customizable according to specific customer’s requirements in a short time and reduced risk and cost

All of this is possible because of our internal R&D Industrial minded process which is the result of years of work, testing and debugging, guaranteeing the absence of nasty surprises.

Our U5, M7 and M8 boards are made according to the RASPMOOD design


RASPMOOD means form factor, mechanical holes, expansion pin on strip, connector kind and position same as the famous Pi Family.

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